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here are two bunnies using another bunny as a couch


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Hahaha, thank you, sir!

OOTD #82 by singingcedes featuring brown earrings

Naf Naf red top, $45 / Tory Burch super skinny jeans / Oxford shoes / Henri Bendel brown earrings / River Island coral jewelry, $8.40

I agree! I can’t imagine it happening in a more perfect way for us. :)

"You know, it’s funny because
I spend half of my life in a
State of nostalgia and half of my
Life dreaming about the future, but
Somehow I still manage to find space to
Be completely content in the time that
I’m with you."

—M.C. (via heartbeathummingbirds)

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I had my first love this year but he left me and found someone else.”

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blaineanderstripes replied to your post “I demand to know how this love revelation happened down to the very last detail and also did you say it back I NEED TO KNOW”

That’s so exciting!!

I know!! It was quite a surprise, too, not that I’m complaining. :)